IWMAC Ready Certification


Fewer delays, quicker setup, less risk. Our new certification is a seal of openness, efficiency and flexibility.


Automated systems lacking good, updated documentation are difficult to integrate. And everyone loses. When a product is modified without the documentation being updated accordingly, a lot of time is lost unnecessarily on administration. This delays the processes – which has a knock-on effect.

To deal with the major variations that are out there, we tackle the problem at its root:

Ready is a completely new concept from us at IWMAC – a seal of quality on automated systems, irrespective of the technical solution, protocols and other technical aspects. With Ready, we are aiming to introduce a new sector standard for more efficient, seamless integration of technical equipment. The concept entails certifying the product rather than the supplier.

The IWMAC Ready seal is intended to reassure customers that the equipment chosen can be integrated by everyone – and that the manufacturer has implemented a system for issuing notifications about changes to the equipment in question.

This ensures

  • ✅ greater efficiency in the project
  • ✅ higher quality in the measurement of data
  • ✅ greater peace of mind and more flexibility for the construction client

If you choose Ready-certified equipment, you know that the equipment is open and documented, and that it can communicate with other receivers. In other words, it can “talk” freely to different suppliers, and it is ready for integration.

IWMAC takes standardisation, quality assurance and efficiency in projects to an even higher level. The future is open, and with Ready, we’re inviting equipment suppliers to come along on the journey – so everyone wins in the long term.